One night, as we sat at Moe’s bar discussing life, as we do, Drew had tiredness in his eyes and a look of exasperation on his face. “I’m tired of blending in at meetings, raising my hand to agree or disagree with decisions. I want to be the inspiration, the one who takes everyone’s breath away with my ideas. When I speak I want people to stop and listen, I want to lead”.

“What’s stopping you?” I asked.

“I’m just not creative enough, the ideas just don’t come to me like they do to others. Can you help me be a creative thinker?”

This was the first small step for Drew and the first giant leap for The Pencil Project.

For the majority of people, creativity is associated with artistic talents like drawing, painting, writing or composing music. You do not have to be an artist to be a creative thinker. Take my word. I can hardly color in a flower without going over of the lines… J

Creative thinking can be used to enrich both your professional and personal life. Whether you’d like to lead your company to the “next big thing” or find a solution to pick up your kids at the exact same time from 2 different locations, you need creative thinking skills.

Creative thinking is approaching or coming up with new ideas or new ways, it could be looking at situations, problems, products or people differently.

It’s very easy to tell someone to “think outside the box”, but our brain doesn’t like doing this. Our brains will revert back into the box, to more familiar surroundings, assumptions and solutions at every opportunity.

Remember how we used to play when we were young? In our imagination there were no boundaries, no limitations and no budget concerns. We were all born with the ability to be creative thinkers. Most of us lost it during the years or didn’t get a chance to practice it as often as when did when we were younger. But there’s still hope.

Firstly you need to recognize your current situation, i.e. the box that you are thinking inside, then with daily practice (just like you’d do at the gym), you will move your brain from its comfort zone to opening up the power of creative thinking and empowering your brain. This is where the Pencil Project comes in.


Be Empowered with Creative Thinking

We have designed hundreds of activities and methods to empower our brains and help us become creative thinkers. The results of our tried and tested thinking games are incredible! People from all over the world have been involved in our thinking games and everybody is positive about how it can help them in everyday life.

The Pencil Project currently has over 10K followers on social media, all budding creative thinkers approaching life with new enthusiasm.

The power of the human mind is truly magnificent and inspiring.

Remember – your mind is the fuel, but creative thinking will really get you flying!

If you would like to become a creative thinker and open a whole new realm of possibilities, this is the right place for you.