We often ask ourselves, “what’s in it for me?” Or, on a wider scope, “How will my workplace benefit from this?”

Creative thinking is not just a quick fix. There is no magic blue pill to revamp your organization and fill your head with breakthrough ideas. It takes time, effort and in many cases a lot of frustration before you reach the “Eureka” moment.

There is no effective way to measure creativity either. It’s like trying to measure love or to define success with endless possibilities.

So, what for? Why should I even bother? Obviously, the pros must outweigh the cons to make it a worthwhile investment.


There are numerous reasons to encourage a creative thinking culture in your workplace.

I have listed my top five reasons below, let me know yours in the comment section.



Have you ever heard of a company that made it big without creativity or an innovative idea? I bet not!

Creative thinking today is a must have skill. Yes, you can get your business up and running, but if you really want to “fly” be sure to bring your own unique ideas to the table.

For a business to flourish creativity must be embraced.

Problem Solving

It’s Wednesday afternoon and at 3 pm sharp you have to pick up your two kids from 2 different locations at the exact same time. You cannot be late. Every minute you’re late you pay extra 10$. In addition, you also get the benefit of hearing your child complain about being the last one to be picked up. So what would you do?

The same principle goes when it comes to businesses.  When it comes to problem-solving, don’t wait to “hit the wall” and pay fines, think of alternative creative solutions.

If you have a creative team you can solve problems faster and better than others, setting you apart in the eyes of your customer.

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Increase commitment and happiness

Creative thinking is relaxing and usually enjoyable process. When an employee is involved in a new and exciting, non-ordinary project, he’s usually more committed to the organization’s goal. He will try to do his best not to miss any days of work and be loyal to the process.

Employee Satisfaction

Giving your staff an opportunity to have a positive effect on the performance of your organization is very often the most effective motivational tool at your disposal.

Increased Engagement & Interaction

Employees of all departments, contractors & customers will have increased levels of engagement and interaction. Increased freedom to communicate and the removal of the fear of failure that cripples most SME’s will result in engagement across the board which can only mean good things for your company.


Don’t wait. Be creative today!