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Creative thinking is a skill that leads to groundbreaking innovations, fast problem solving, and lifetime achievements.

It’s no secret that to be successful you need to stand out from the crowd. Only truly creative thinkers accomplish that. Once you get into the habit of sharpening your creativity, your life will change faster than you imagine. In the end, creative thinking is a lifestyle. So, let us plant the seeds. Step by step, you will be able to spice up your daily tasks, family and work life with creativity.

To have a successful life and a career you need to be full of ideas and solutions that are effective and can be implemented immediately. Don’t think that people are born creative. Creativity is a skill that can be mastered with enough time and dedication. With us, you’ll be amazed to witness the dazzling transformation of your thinking!

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We’re located at the DC metro area. Consultation sessions are conducted through Skype or phone.

What to expect in our consultation sessions

We all have our different needs and challenges, therefore, each session is tailored to your specific needs. No session will ever look like someone else’s.

You’re probably wondering who will be conducting the sessions. We have good news for you. You will be working directly with Roni Rosenthal, the CEO and Founder of The Pencil Pro. A creative thinker herself, she will guide you through the process of generating innovative thinking.

First, during the session, you will get to know our model “Be empowered with creative thinking.” Then, through tools and exercises, picked for you after carefully reviewing your input, you will learn how to challenge and stimulate your brain and finally to think outside the box.

The entire consultation will focus on creativity boosting methods that would be especially beneficial for your personal and professional needs.

After a few of sessions and jaw-dropping transformations, we know, you’ll be back for more!

Seminars and workshops

Does the group need fresh ideas and encouragement in order to break routines and fuel creative thinking? Hold on, we are here for you! Just give us a call and we will stop by to present you our flagship seminar.

During our live seminars, you will experience our “Be Empowered with Creative Thinking” model in depth. Our sessions and personalized training will help you get closer to your breakthrough in a friendly atmosphere.

What would you gain from the seminars?

  • A fresh and original way of thinking that you can use in your daily and work life
  • Creative thinking tools and skills that will help you solve personal and professional problems
  • Empowerment of the brain to gain unconventional perspectives
  • Expanded capability to come up with original ideas
  • Improvement of your thinking strategies
  • Reduced stress levels that will guarantee better sleep
  • Understanding how Alpha brain waves can boost creativity

In order to be successful you must generate new ideas. We know, that these thoughts probably keep you awake at night. How could you possibly generate new ideas on a daily basis? How can you solve problems just with your brainpower? Yet believe it or not, it’s all possible.

First, you have to learn that creative thinking is a skill that can be mastered. You do have to be open-minded and ready to train your brain daily. The results of dedicated practice will astonish you.

Because only a few are born geniuses, the rest of us just need to work hard.

Our base seminar is 1.5 hours long and our advanced seminar is 2.15 hours long, however, our seminars length can be modified upon your needs.

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