Your mind is the fuel, but creative thinking will really get you flying.

We all want to be successful, to save our company by suggesting the greatest idea just at the right time, to solve those minor problems at the speed of light, to be original and present to the world our uniqueness or just to come up with the greatest idea for the next big thing.


Let Be-Empowered with Creativity Model and the Pencil Pro help you to become the creative thinker you always wanted to be.

Creative Thinking? Why? What for…?

We often ask ourselves, “what’s in it for me?” Or, on a wider scope, “How will my workplace benefit from this?” Creative thinking is not just a quick fix. There is no magic blue pill to revamp your organization and fill your head with breakthrough ideas. It takes time, effort and in many cases a lot of frustration before you reach the “Eureka” moment. There is no effective way to measure creativity either. It’s like trying to measure love or [...]

Increase Productivity Through Creativity (Spoiler–It doesn’t involve serenading the office with Kumbaya…)

Let’s face it.  The process of creativity and innovation is hard and takes time. Here at The Pencil Project, we understand that better than most. Business leaders, on the other hand, are focused on productivity and tightly measured ROI (Return on Investment). A hiring decision, a promotion, a CRM (Customer relationship management) or other software purchase, they all relate to productivity and getting the most out of their assets over a period of time. Creativity can be a disruptive force [...]

Where it all Began…

One night, as we sat at Moe’s bar discussing life, as we do, Drew had tiredness in his eyes and a look of exasperation on his face. “I’m tired of blending in at meetings, raising my hand to agree or disagree with decisions. I want to be the inspiration, the one who takes everyone’s breath away with my ideas. When I speak I want people to stop and listen, I want to lead”. “What’s stopping you?” I asked. “I’m just [...]

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