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Not by the Book – The Pencil Pro

Adam Schwartz is a motivated high school teacher bothered by the lack of his students’ creative ideas in their attempt to write essays for their college applications. Together with his best friends, he initiates The Pencil Pro, a program aimed at finding the next genius. Soon their Facebook page becomes a social-media hit with over 15,000 followers.
Eric Gutenheim is a detective with the Providence, RI, police department. When Eric is called on to solve the murder case of a 16-year-old girl, he soon learns that this case is not going to be run-of-the-mill. Will he find the killer through the codes of ancient tribes?
The two parallel stories are woven together to the climax of an unexpected ending

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Welcome to The Pencil Pro
Where new ideas are born…
And creative thinking becomes second nature!

Stimulate Your Brain 

Learn how to be A Creative Thinker

Are you looking to stimulate your brainpower?

Are you on the verge of a breakthrough?

Need guidance to spark your journey to success?

Are you determined to thrive?

We, at The Pencil Pro, believe that creative thinking is a virtue.

Our mission is to promote original thinking and to inspire you, to challenge your brain and to stimulate your mind.

By providing you with the right tools you can break free from your comfort zone and advance our world to a better place.

The Pencil Pro by Roni Rosenthal was born, quite simply, to promote original thinking worldwide.

In order to be successful, you must generate original ideas. Creative thinking refers to the process of coming up with new, fresh ideas – the fuel that drives to groundbreaking innovation and lifetime achievements.

Creative thinking is a skill that can be mastered; one that no robot could ever replace. However, nobody said it was easy. Thinking outside of the box is tough and yet, it’s possible. If someone gave you three ingredients and told you to whip up a 3-course meal, what would you do? If someone told you to fit a square peg in a round hole, what would you do? It’s about switching from “passive” to “active”, using the intrinsic creativity that lies within you to solve problems, create opportunities, and ultimately fulfil your potential.

The important thing is to never lose hope. Your brain has brought you this far in life. Clearly, you can trust it! If you want to get your creative juices flowing and squeeze the most out of your ability to think creatively, we can help.

Did you know that creative people live longer? According to studies, creative people are more open to new ideas. They have less stress. They don’t see challenges as obstacles. They see them as opportunities to form exciting new solutions to problems!

Now, you have a good motivation to be creative, don’t you?

If you’re ready to sharpen your brain, awaken your creative genius and embark on a journey of innovation – personally and professionally – we’re ready to bring your creative thinking side to life! Are you?

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Who We Are

Roni Rosenthal is the founder and CEO of The Pencil Pro.
It takes an excellent leader to lead a visionary team of people that develop hundreds of keys to unlock your brain and advanced tactics of creative thinking.
Roni Rosenthal takes immense pride in being the founder and CEO of The Pencil Pro. She is known for challenging and motivating thinkers to become creative thinkers!

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It’s no secret that to be successful you need to stand out from the crowd. Only truly creative thinkers accomplish that. Once you get into the habit of sharpening your creativity, your life will change faster than you imagine. In the end, creative thinking is a lifestyle.

So, let us plant the seeds.

Step by step, you will be able to spice up your daily tasks, family and work life with creativity.

To have a successful life and a career you need to be full of ideas and solutions that are effective and can be implemented immediately. Don’t think that people are born creative. Creativity is a skill that can be mastered with enough time and dedication.

 With us, you’ll be amazed to witness the dazzling transformation of your thinking!

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Our Products

We are excited to launch our new game that will help you develop your creative thinking skills and taking your thinking power to a whole new level! If you feel like your creativity has abandoned you then with Toolit, you will get it back on track.
Toolit is the only game that will challenge and empower your brain simultaneously. It is a must-try for everybody craving for new thinking and original problem-solving skills.

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Our Model

The Pencil Pro began as a pilot program intended to promote original thinking worldwide. Over the course of two years, we have come up with numerous exercises, games and resources to challenge and develop the brain. Owing to the success of the pilot program, we invented our model: “Be empowered with creative thinking”

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“What a great program!  Creative, unique, inspiring and worthwhile for the teachers and educators around the world!  It was fun and engaging.  All in all it was informative, eye opening and beneficial. Thank you for a great professional day.”

Stacey Gold, Washington DC, April 2016

“Without any doubt, Roni is the most creative and inspiring person I’ve ever known. Her “BE CREATIVE” seminar inspired our IT team to look for different ways and solutions. We couldn’t have done it without her”.

K.K Robin, April 2017

“Thank you for meeting with me!  I feel that your one hour counseling helped me break some old patterns and develop my own ideas! It was great to learn from you and share with you my goals. Thanks again!”

Matthew Fine, Dec. 2015


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You can’t solve 21st century problems with 20th century skills. Be a Creative Thinker. Let us help you!
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